44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!
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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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Each month Networking Today News features networking and business articles to help you connect with professionals, build relationships & grow your business.

About Networking Today

In January 1999, the “Premiere Issue” of Networking Today rolled off the press and was delivered to 10,000 businesses in London, Ontario. A few months later, it went online to reach a global audience with a local feel.

Each month, new articles written by experts in the business community across North America (and at times, beyond) are posted to the site. We welcome articles for review (See "Want To Submit An Article" below for guidelines) from professionals who would like to share their expertise, give insight and advice, and keep the business community informed on the ever-changing dynamics of the world in which we work and live.

Networking is still the best way to meet new clients, partners, and suppliers – and to expand your network. If you belong to a Canadian networking group or association that is not listed, please let us know...simply click the "Promote Your Group" button found throughout the site and complete the form online.

Advertisers sponsor this Web site...and we thank them. Please check out the Business Directory. And if you'd like to drive more traffic to your Web site, and increase exposure to your special events, products, and services, contact us to find out about our affordable advertising rates. Be sure to ask about our Networking Ninja plan and qualify for our fabulous Referral Program (pay once and you may never have to pay to advertise again).

Networking Today Team

Susan Regier, Publisher

Susan RegierNetworking is a way of life for Susan, Publisher of Networking Today. Susan is committed to connecting people to one another and to valuable business resources – and to help entrepreneurs step into their professional spotlight.

Since 1997, Susan has been the owner and head writer of Vantage One Writing. As a professional copywriter (marketing content writer), Susan has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs market their businesses successfully while creating brand messages that drive sales. She works with entrepreneurs to find their core essence – that unique piece that sets them apart from others in their industry – and then creates a compelling marketing message for various mediums, including Web sites, press releases, articles, and professional profiles/bios.

Referred to as a "Magnetic Marketing & Mindset Master," Susan is an in demand speaker and "tell-it-like-it-is" coach/mentor to serious entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their businesses.  She has the uncanny ability to find the hidden gems in a business that can ignite sales and profits for her clients.

Susan built her business with contacts in London, Ontario and began networking extensively to increase that circle…and now works with clients around the world.

Contact Susan at publishers@networkingtoday.com

Jayme Cousins, Websmith

Jayme Cousins, In House LogicThere are few opportunities in life to create something out of thin air…but Jayme Cousins does it every day – and he does it right. As a recognized Web designer, he understands there are right ways and wrong ways to be online. He’s a Master Websmith, prolific trainer, and esteemed mentor to many up and coming entrepreneurs. Jayme has been referred to as a Mike Holmes of the Internet world. He believes you should “build it right or tear it down and fix it.” And like Mr. Holmes it takes more than skill and experience to do the job right, it takes integrity. www.InHouseLogic.com

Contact Jayme at websmith@inhouselogic.com.

Christine Merrigan, Moderator

Christine MerriganChristine is our dexterous liaison for networking groups – maintaining the integrity and accuracy of our site with regular communications and updates.  Plus, she’s our Master MailChimp creator and versatile Administrator…as a former legal assistant, Christine ensures our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Christine works in the background of many enterprising businesses as a Virtual Assistant (VA), taking on the daunting jobs that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis in their businesses. She helps entrepreneurs focus their attention on what really matters...their clients’ needs and the money-making tasks of their businesses.  

Entrusting a VA to those jobs that eat up valuable time is vital to a successful and efficient business and letting go of the tasks that can be time consuming (and frustrating) can make your day lighter!

Contact Christine at moderator@networkingtoday.com.


Want To Submit An Article?

If you have business, marketing, sales, or professional development expertise you'd like to share with our audience of entrepreneurs and sales professionals, please let us know.

  • Articles should be informative, not advetorial.
  • Between 300 and 750 words preferred.  If your article is longer, consider creating a 2-part series.
  • Include a short (one paragraph) resource box (bio) at the end, which shares your expertise, contact info, and link to your Web site.  This is your promo so include a compelling reason to go to your site!
  • Do not submit media releases.  We do not have time to re-write as articles and they will be deleted.

Email your articles to publishers@networkingtoday.com.  Due to the high volume of articles we receive, we will only respond to those accepted for publication.


"I am thrilled to be found on Networking Today.  In less than one year, I have had 8 or 9 enquires as a direct result of being found on Networking Today’s Business Directory – and two of those have resulted in sales.  Plus, I have been told several times that a Google search for my business found my Networking Today ad on the first page of Google – but not my own Web site.  Thank you for the exposure!"

Tina Chappell,
Life Coach

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