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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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In House Logic

Category: Computer Consultants & Services
City: London, Ontario
In House Logic - www.inhouselogic.com

About In House Logic

Custom web site development with a focus on making sites editable by the owner and findable by their clients. Support for established small businesses, corporate and public organizations.

London; Komoka; Delaware; Melbourne; Mt.Brydges; Toronto; Waterloo; Brighton; Sarnia; Vancouver; USA
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Online, but based in...

London Ontario
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Follow on Twitter: @InHouseLogic

About Us:

In House Logic creates custom-crafted web sites tailored to meet the real-world needs of small business owners. Specializing in built-to-suit Content Management Systems (CMS) for information-rich websites, In House Logic is ready to put you in control of your online presence.

We help your small business:

  • get the most out of their search engine marketing appeal (SEO),
  • reduce busy-work,
  • maintain and protect their investment,
  • reach their audience clearly and with meaning.
  • build a web site that matches their business.

Our focus on small businesses and organizations means that we practice the art of getting your web site to stand apart from the crowd. We understand the real-world life of asmall business and help you in meet your goals by making a web site that fits you.

Available Services:

  • Start-up business web site pacakges available.
  • Hosting services available.
  • Domain name management.
  • Built-in SEO standards.
  • Spam-reducing contact forms.
  • Site structure and management.
  • Sense of humour (whether you want it or not).

Visit our site and view our Gallery to find out more about our custom  web design services.

Keywords: web site developer, web site design, small business web site, custom web site, cms web site, web site management

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