44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!
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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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Story Works

Category: Advertising & Marketing
City: London, Ontario
Story Works - www.storyworksprogram.com

About Story Works

Use your story to connect and build relationships online as strong – or stronger – as you do to connect face to face.
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Created from my LIVE tele-workshop, you can work at your own pace to unleash the story in you and discover how to craft a magnetic message to immediately connect with your prospects and begin to build relationships without even meeting in person.

If you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, or expert of any kind, people want to know your story – the real you behind the persona. It’s part of your brand!

Storytelling can be a powerful, evocative way of communicating your message.

Your story conveys to readers – your prospects – what they get when working with you. By creating a high level of emotion in your story they can relate to you and that makes you stand out from everyone else offering what seems like the same services or products.  Through your story, your readers will feel you are the perfect choice to solve their problem.

When you are truly being you – you do not have any competitors.

But telling your story can be a challenge, after all we’ve been brought up to be modest – never brag or toot your own horn.  But by sharing your passions, your struggles, your accomplishments, you attract more connections and more opportunities. You position yourself as the expert you are.

In Story Works, my new Home Study Course, you'll discover how to bring your story to life and integrate it with all your offerings.

For full details, go to www.storyworksprogram.com.


I really enjoyed your Story Works course. The information you provided was very helpful in seeing how I could better market my services. The Story Exploration Cheat Sheet included many things I had not considered. It also gave me more insight into why my business is my passion and why I am an expert in my field. I looked forward to each session to learn new insights into how to market and how to write my story. Great class and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Liz Galbraith, Energy Works Naturally


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Do you have mad networking skills?

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