44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!
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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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Susan Regier

Category: Education & Training
City: London, Ontario
Susan Regier - www.SusanRegier.com

About Susan Regier

You can learn how to focus your copywriting on your ideal client so you can deliver a concise and compelling message that makes your prospects take action.

Toronto; Winnipeg; Vancouver; Calgary; Ottawa; Kingston
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25 Maldon Rd, London ON Canada N6G1W2

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+1/ 519.471.8726

Entrepreneurs, Freelance Writers, Marketers, Virtual Assistants, Coaches

Are you tired of writing ineffective marketing material...spinning your wheels trying to get ahead of - or catch up to - your competitors?

Have you wasted too much time and too much money on Web sites, brochures, and media releases that not only don't say the right thing, but they don't speak to your audience?  (And do you even know who you're speaking to?)

I've spent years working with entrepreneurs and ad agencies making sure their products and services are getting the exposure they deserve - and by the right people.  That means, they generate more money...their Web sites attract more traffic...and their businesses get free publicity in newspapers, television, and radio.
I've taken my copywriting and marketing secrets...and all the information I've shared in my comprehensive small group workshops, and I'm making it available to you in a simple, easy to understand format.

Are you looking to get free publicity for yourself or for your clients?

A media release is often your only opportunity to make a great first impression and capture media attention. But newspapers, magazines, trade publications, television and radio receive truck loads of them.

How do you make yours stand out?

And how can you get additional mileage out of your media release?

Get Your Copy Now

Spinning Up Publicity Cover

360° Everything You Never Knew About Spinning Up Publicity For Your Business

Get your copy of my new ebook…360° gives you the total spin you need to know about getting publicity in a simplified step-by-step writing template from attention grabbing headline to ### (-30-)... not sure of these terms? Check out this e-book, it is a necessary component of your media release.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find newsworthy ideas.
  • Target the appropriate media…and where to find them.
  • Structure your release using the inverted pyramid.
  • write powerful headlines that captures attention
  • Hook the reader in the opening paragraph.
  • Punctuate quotes properly – and what they should say to begin with.
  • Writing strategies guaranteed NOT to turn heads.
  • What to do – and what not to do – after your media release is distributed.
  • Tips for networking with the media.
  • What you need to know when working with photographers.
  • How you can use your media release to drive traffic to your Web site.
  • When you need a media kit.
  • Recycle your media release for additional mileage.

360°includes exercises and samples of real media releases so you can easily create your own.


Writing Tips

DIY Writing Resources for Successful Publicity

Keywords: writing tutorials and self-help products.

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London, Ontario

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London, Ontario

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London, Ontario
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Networking Ninja

Do you have mad networking skills?

Show it off by becoming a Networking Ninja!

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