44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!
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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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So, you want to be tomorrow's headliner. Every day, you're working in your business dealing with clients, selling products or services, and it seems to be the "same old same old." Things are going okay, but there's nothing new to report. Nothing exciting going on! How are you supposed to get in the news?

Psychologist Abraham Maslow changed the social sciences forever when he developed his hierarchy of personal needs. Maslow argued that in order for a person to achieve greatness, or full potential, he or she must have certain needs met. The needs can be ranked or organized into a hierarchical pyramid.

Have you ever had a sale that didn't close and you weren't sure why? Chances are you lost the sale because you didn't establish sufficient trust and rapport with your prospect. Once you have developed trust and rapport, you've actually got the hard part behind you and you're probably going to make a sale!

The other day I was talking to a client about how to attract the ideal audience. I told him that customers are not online to buy. He was really shocked to hear that. Are you surprised by that statement, too?

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