44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!
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44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!

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There are a lot of considerations that go into pricing your products and services, including the value you offer, your expertise, and what your market will bear.  And when you know you're priced right and prospects show great interest – but you're struggling to make a sale, it could come down to your Sales Conversation.

As an adventurer, thrill-seeker and internationally renowned billionaire, Sir Richard Branson has a huge personal brand.  He is famous for founding Virgin Group, a British conglomerate of 400 companies including Virgin Megastores and Virgin Atlantic Airways.  He has crossed the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon and has attempted countless sailing adventures on rough seas.  He has even built spaceships.

Managers recognize that their teams need feedback to improve and be successful. However, many provide feedback without having a clearly defined way of doing so effectively. Feedback ends up as a one-way conversation delivered from the manager to the performer.

My daughter had recently been hunting for a new winter jacket. She is 15 years old so this isn't necessarily the easiest of tasks to accomplish! She found one that she absolutely LOVED though...just not in the right size! We tried all the stores in the city and they had the size bigger and smaller than she needed, just not the perfect size.

Collaboration is the buzzword of today. Right along with creativity and innovation, everybody's talking and writing about it, but what does it really mean for business? While it may be a great concept, the real challenge – and the enormous business opportunity – is to learn to collaborate in a way that makes a positive difference to you and your business.

Business owners and managers today face a myriad of challenges—a tight market with strong competition, workforce issues, slimming margins and the need to keep pace with technological advancements, to name a few. Add to these a rapidly changing environment and a barrage of noise generated from the Internet, smartphones, television, and other media.

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